Tips for Decorating Kids Room

Tips for Decorating  Kids Room

Tips for Decorating Your Child’s Room

Looking for ideas for designing your child’s room? Designing and decorating your child’s room is an exciting task, but you must keep in mind the likes and dislikes of your child to build him the room of his dreams. You can get as creative as you want with your child’s room, but remember that as your child grows up his preferences will change. So whatever you do, make sure that you do not invest too much and leave room for modifications that you may need to make as time passes.

Here are a few fun ideas that you can use to make your child’s room fun and impressive.

Use Bright Coloured Curtains or Window Treatments

While you may pick out softer shades for your own room, go bold and bright when it comes to your child’s room. You can get brightly coloured curtains or window treatments for the windows in your child’s room and make it look well-lit. Bright colours also make the room look cleaner and sharper.

Use Your Child’s Toys to Decorate the Room

The best part about decorating a child’s room is that you can find several decorative elements already in the room. Toys can be a great way of decorating the room. You can put up shelves on one of the walls in your child’s room and stack their toys on them. You can use soft toys for this and make the wall look like it is right out of a toy store.

Create an Accent Wall

You can paint one of the walls in your child’s room in a bright colour. To complement this, you can cover the rest of the area with prints in the same colour. You can use the prints to create accents on the wardrobe and cabinets. The easiest way to do this is to first sit with your child and let them pick out a colour. Next, look at wallpapers that have prints in the same colour and use it to highlight the rest of the room.

Choose Fabric that Enhances the Look

Fabric is an essential component that you need to keep in mind when designing your child’s room. You can pick out pretty bed sheets in complementary patterns, use cushions, etc. in matching colours to pull the look of the room together.

Don’t Leave Out the Ceiling

Why leave out the ceiling when you are already investing so much energy in decorating the room? You can decorate the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark decorative pieces. You can easily find such pieces in any ordinary store. From animals to stars, there are several patterns you can choose from. Put them up on the ceiling so that your child can enjoy the view at night, as they put down their head to the pillow to sleep.

Add a Bit of Educational Messages

As you pick out design elements, you can consider including messages that are educational or motivational. You can pick out posters with famous quotes or even hand-paint a wall with something that is educational. If you do not want to hand paint, you can also find wall decals that show motivational, positive and inspiring messages.

Personalise the Space with Photographs

Photographs are a great way to decorate a room. Select all the photographs that you have cherished from your child’s birth and use them to create a gallery on one of the walls in your child’s room. You can get the photos framed in different sizes to get a collage like look. You can search for patterns online and then replicate them.

Create Smart Storage

Creating smart storage spaces can be a great way to teach your child how to be responsible and organized. Divide the storage spaces for different kinds of things and teach your child how to return each item into its specified space after use. Well-planned storage spaces not only prevent clutter in the room, but also help your child get used to living in a disciplined manner.

Cover the Floor

Children often tend to squat down on the floor and play. This means you must look at a pretty and smart way of covering up the floor. You can either purchase a soft carpet to protect your child’s arms, legs and knees. Although a soft carpet will require you to maintain and clean it regularly, it can be extremely helpful in protecting your child from scratches and bruises. Also, it will give the room a softer, warmer and cosier look.

Use Lampshades

Lampshades are a beautiful way of adding light into the decor. Lampshades are now available in different sizes and in a myriad designs. You can even get them custom printed if you have something very specific in mind. You can either pick up a floor lamp and place it next to the bed or get a cute little night lamp that can be placed on your child’s bedside table. If your child is fond of reading, they will love the lamp shade. If you have a child that is younger, you can instil the habit of reading a book before going to sleep.  

Pick Out Fancy Lighting

Lights are an important element. The right kind of lighting completes the look of a room. These days you can find different kinds of lights in the market. Pick out a few cute looking lights that will blend well with the decor you intend to create. Mix and match soft and bright lighting to help your child switch between intensities for various activities. For instance, just before your child goes to sleep, you can use the lampshade to help him read. In the evenings, they can use the brighter lights to light up the room.

Decor is a very subjective matter and depends on a person’s personal taste. You can involve your child in the whole process to develop the interiors of their room. So go ahead and try out these fun ideas and gift your child a room that he will love to live in!

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